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"I’m tried of these photoshoots. Please shoot and go. I like my mornings…" says my handsome kitty cat.

If you are there, There is a reason

Sharing all the intimate moments of our lives might be the reason of collecting and creating a mutual consciousness that we are already aware of but haven’t been okay to, yet. Justification should be out of the way but instead, it is something that we use to clarify the actions of the self and the other. Understanding now and accepting life as is, sometimes the hardest part of our nows. Universe is full of opportunities, obstacles and fun stuff. The way we organize our days will provides us the parallel feeling of the way we live our nows. How we look will help others to improvise on our characteristics, because the way we treat the body will reflect how much we are respectful to the earth. 

Everything is being seen and it is being seen from anywhere. Dimensions won’t carry any shadow. Mirrors are for us to see ourselves so we can stay as is and enjoy or change and party. Regardless of the limitations, we have the freedom to be free. Understanding and humanity is the projection of our personalities. Anything and everything can be improved. If you’re in the moment that there is something that is perfect as is and you’re there; see you can place more love in it to brighten the day. 


I’ve been told to write.

Indeed, I promised people this summer that I would write…

But I’m thinking, in what state of mind, reading my sayings and poets may guide people to listen their own heart rather than being stuck with ‘must have’s and ‘should have’s?

Is there any perfect moment than right now?

It plays in my head over and over again with colors shine through my eyes that

"Right now will flourish the souls..Right now will end all the ease to transform than into a beautiful song.. The right now and right now. Now. Now Now."

On the walls of Los Angeles, there was a women in red; praying in bed; asking for more and more every day.
Needed a vacation from a vacation. See you next time Vegas 🎲🃏♥️♣️💃
Leaving home to go back home.  Paradox starts where it ends in this story. It’s a lifetime adventure where we all breath in and breath out simultaneously. #istanbul #losangeles #bosphorus #plane #white #blue #aerialview
Magical nights are in progress. | #fullmoon #nightsky #nighttime #cloudporn
Night-time in #istanbul : Taxis are  everywhere. 🌃🚖
#Shadow games in the #morning run. #latergram #sunrise
#raki ve #balik and #greensalad
Reading #fortune s out of clouds is #fun. enjoying the view right by #Bosporus #cloudporn #birds #sun #blueskies #sunshine
#istanbul is a such a #great #city. It is full of #wonderful details of the #history | #haydarpasa #latergram
#backstage with @yaseminology & @efeconker quick #photoshoot at this awesome breakfast and dessert place in Istanbul 😘💕
After we had a great #breakfast at Aheste, we wondered the streets of #Galata in peace; enjoyed #graffiti and colorful #art in #Istanbul
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